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CystXCystX® varieties are soybean varieties with single sources of SCN resistance.

CystX® SCN-resistant soybean varieties were developed by Purdue University scientists from the University of Missouri SCN-resistant soybean variety ‘Hartwig,’ which possessed SCN resistance from the soybean breeding line ‘PI 437654’ (“PI” stands for “plant introduction”).

The United States Patent Application for CystX® indicates that CystX® is:

  • Described are recombinant soybean plants and plant lines, and methods for producing the same, which have desired characteristics derived from one or more soybean lines and which are soybean cyst nematode-resistant, this resistance having been introgressed by marker-assisted selection.
  • The soybean cyst nematode resistance is advantageously introgressed using inventive methods with minimal linkage drag and, as such, resulting plants do not exhibit undesirable characteristics heretofore associated with plants and plant lines having resistance to soybean cyst nematodes.

Read the United States Patent 6,096,944 titled Methods for conferring broad-based soybean cyst nematode resistance to a soybean line, which describes CystX®.