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N-HibitN-Hibit® is a harpin protein seed treatment that elicits plant defenses.

Harpin is a protein isolated from the bacterium Erwinia amylovora that was discovered by Cornell University scientists to elicit broad-spectrum plant defenses. The discovery was reported in the scientific journal Science in 1992 (Vol 257,  Issue 50656, pages 85-88). Use of the harpin protein in this regard was patented by the Cornell University scientists in 1998.

N-Hibit® is the brand name of a seed treatment containing harpin protein that is available for use on soybean to control SCN.

Nine experiments were conducted in 2007 in Iowa to determine the effects of N-Hibit® on SCN reproduction and soybean yield. In two of the nine experiments, SCN-susceptible soybeans treated with N-Hibit® yielded significantly greater than untreated SCN-susceptible soybeans. There were no decreases in end-of-season SCN population densities with N-Hibit® in any of the nine experiments.

Read a summary of the results of the 2007 testing in the ICM article Field testing of N-Hibit™ seed treatment in Iowa. N-Hibit® will be studied in a similar number of experiments in Iowa in 2008.

Read the United States Patent 5,776,889 titled “Hypersensitive response induced resistance in plants,” which describes use of harpin protein to elicit plant defense mechanisms.