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Scouting for SCN in yellow or stunted soybeans, OR in fields that are apparently healthy

First, ask yourself - what is your purpose for scouting for SCN?
The answer to this question will help determine your best strategy— whether to check soybean roots or to collect a soil sample — and when and how to collect the sample.

Are you scouting to...

  • check if SCN is present in a field before planting next year's soybean crop? Collect a soil sample»
  • determine if your SCN management program has been successful in keeping SCN population densities in check? Collect a soil sample»
  • figure out if SCN was responsible for poor soybean yields?
    Collect a soil sample»
  • determine if SCN is causing the stunting or yellowing of soybeans in the middle of the growing season? Examine soybean roots»
  • to check for SCN during the growing season in fields that have not been checked before? Examine soybean roots»